Heartfull Puella Magi breeding Simulation Game

How to Play


Q. What is this?

B. Hi, my name is Kyuubey. You must be a new incubator, how do you do! See the graph above to know what is this game.

Q. What's the purpose of this game?

B. Make a contract with girls to save the universe!

Q. What's the purpose of this game?

B. Get the score, before the night of Walpurgis comes.

Q. What is the circle around girls, witches and QB?

B. That is private area of him/her. If girls and witches see each other, they will start fighting. If a girl comes into YOUR area, it's the time to contract.

Q. What is the SKILL?

B. Girls often get new skills when they level-up, and skilled girls will use it automatically. Each color has a individual skill pattern.

Q. What is the color of girls?

B. Each girl has one of seven rainbow colors. They have different skill, status, and width of area. Witches attack closer Girls first, so you must consider about their area width.

Q. I'm almost dieing with this less Soul Purity. How do I heal it.

B. You can get Grief-Seed from the witch. Only a witch that came from a girl has Grief-Seed. Gray colored witch has NO Grief-Seed.

Q. Why does a girl died suddenly? I can't understand them.

B. I think so, too. A girl who has less Soul Purity might injure other girls. And sometimes they are killed in the battle.

Q. I heard this BGM somewhere...

B. Just imagination.


Special Thanks:

Incubator is the fan game of Puella Magi Madoka Magika.
Created by illuCalab.